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Computer-Generated Weather Art

I'm experimenting with an amazing and wonderful graphics programming tool called Processing. Learn about it and see some of the fantastic artworks being created at

As a newbie, I'm just getting started learning how to use this tool.

victoria winds 1

Victoria Winds

Victoria Winds is my first processing composition. Here's what it does:

  1. I've written a php script to visit the UVIC School-Based Weather Station Network, which is an amazing resource for monitoring our local weather conditions, while learning about weather and other topics. My php script scrapes the most recent weather data from the weather station network, and generates this xml file.
  2. Then my composition, reads the xml file and creates an ambient composition:
    • It generates circles and squares for each of the stations in the weather network. Squares are painted for stations with calm winds.
    • They're painted a color corresponding to there relative temperature within the range of readings. Relatively cooler temperatures are painted purple and blue. Relatively warmer stations are painted orange and red.
    • The temperature (in C) is written on each station.
    • The circle stations blow around on the screen. Their direction corresponds to the measured direction. Their speed of movement is proportional to the measured wind speed.

I'm curious to know what you think about this. Please send me your comments.

Wind Arc CompostionWind Arcs

This composition uses the same code as the first one, but represents the station winds using arcs instead of circles and squares. Stations with calm winds are represented by circles. View the wind arcs composition.


Wind RoseWind Roses

A variation on this composition lets the arcs originate from the center point of the screen. View the wind roses composition.


Expanding WindsExpanding Winds

Another variation on this composition lets the arcs expand as they blow out from the origination point. View the expanding winds composition.